About Soft HIT™

Soft HIT, LLC is owned and operated by a family that lives baseball 365 days a year.

My name is John, and my son and I are the creators of the Soft HIT™ baseballs.

We started Soft HIT in our driveway because, frankly, I was tired of breaking plastic balls (commonly called Wiffle® or poly balls), I was tired of getting hit with them — as you know they sting pretty good, and I was tired of training my son to hit a ball that looks like a UFO not a baseball.  Plus plastic balls ding cars (mine and my neighbor’s) and they get blown around by the wind.  

After having no luck finding a softer, more durable training ball, we solved the problem ourselves.

Soft HIT balls are safe, last a long time and look like a real baseball.  They don’t break things or ding cars, and they weigh 25% more than a plastic ball.

I figured if I was looking for this type of ball, lots of other folks were too, as there are millions of baseball players (and parents, and thousands of coaches) across the U.S.

This was the genesis of the Soft HIT baseball. Named by my son, Soft HIT is a word play on the character of the ball; our balls are soft, safe, durable, and look like real baseballs.

Soft HIT, LLC is a bootstrapped family business run by my wife and me in beautiful Missoula, Montana.

Soft HIT has been in business since Autumn 2011, and we continue to work hard to introduce our products to those who have a need for them.

Soft HIT training balls are great for indoor (e.g., in garages and gyms) and outdoor practice (e.g., in driveways, yards, and ball fields), and they can be used by players of all ages and abilities (college age players use them), with kids who are afraid of the ball, in cold and wet weather, for batting practice and fielding drills, and in many pitching machines.

Our family has a passion for playing with our son, who loves playing baseball.  We know we are just one of millions of families across the country (and a world) who feels the same. We believe Soft HIT training balls are the perfect fit for players, parents, and coaches.


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Our Mission

Soft HIT, LLC’s mission is to provide coaches, parents, and players the safest, most durable and realistic looking training baseballs on the market, all while providing the highest level of customer service.

Our Practice Baseballs

Soft HIT, LLC is owned and operated by a family that lives baseball 365 days a year.

We founded Soft HIT, LLC as a result of a long, painful, and expensive search for batting practice training balls that are the size and color of official baseballs, as well as safe, durable, and cost effective. Quite frankly, we were disappointed in what we found.

We decided to develop our training baseballs that met our demanding standards. The result was Soft HIT baseballs, perfect for batting practice and fielding training for baseball players of all ages and skill levels.

Created from polyurethane foam, they are light-weight, squeeze-able, safe, durable, and cost effective. Use the balls both indoors and outdoors, so training can occur year-round, whether on the field, in the yard, in the garage or basement, or in the gym.

Our goal at Soft HIT is to provide baseball coaches, parents, and athletes with best-of-market training baseballs that will help develop hitting and fielding skills year-round.

What are the Advantages of Soft HIT Practice Balls?

There are many advantages of Soft HIT™ training balls. Here are just a few!

  • Soft HIT baseballs are the official color and size of real baseballs, and they are soft, safe, and very durable.
    • Our baseballs are foam training balls and look just like a real baseball.
    • Raised laces permit pitchers to throw change-ups and breaking balls effectively and hitters the ability to see ball rotation — providing the opportunity to recognize pitch type.


  • Soft HIT balls won’t break things they hit.
    • Hit them in your yard without fear of breaking a window or denting a car. You can also use them in the gym where they won’t break the scoreboard, clock or likely anything else.
  • Soft HIT balls are safe.
    • They won’t hurt if you get hit with them.
    • Kids who are afraid of the ball won’t fear this ball.


  • Soft HIT balls are capable of being used in multiple training activities.
    • Soft-toss, tee work, live pitch, machine pitch, catching and fielding drills.


  • Soft HIT balls give immediate feedback to the batter.
    • The balls feature a more solid feel than Wiffle® or poly balls.
    • The batter will know if they are dipping, rolling their wrists, or not staying connected because of how the ball comes off the bat.
  • Soft HIT balls are used by baseball players year-round, indoors and out.
    • You can use them either in your basement or garage without any netting or out in the rain on wet fields.
    • Use them in cold weather without harming valuable metal or composite bats.


  • Soft HIT balls are durable.
    • They won’t break when hit and are more durable than Wiffle® or poly balls, which often split after repeated hits.
    • Krush Hitting Company has used Soft HIT baseballs for over a year and has hit the balls 10,000 or more times.
    • In the event of a Soft HIT ball tearing, spliting or being impaled simply fix it with rubber glue (like Shoe Goo®).

The First and Only Safe, Durable and Accurate Looking Training Baseball

Enjoy the freedom of playing indoors and outdoors and in-between without the fear of injury or property damage today.

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