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Soft Hit’s 6 gallon ball bucket comes with a padded lid and includes 2 dozen white or yellow Soft HIT baseballs OR 2 half-dozen yellow Soft HIT softballs.


If ordering more than one bucket, each may ship separately.

Available in:
  • Bucket of 2 dozen (24) white practice baseballs $79.99
  • Bucket of 2 dozen (24) yellow practice baseballs $79.99
  • Bucket of 2 half-dozen (12) yellow practice softballs  $59.99

(Shipping of buckets limited to US addresses only).

About the balls: 

Soft HIT™ practice baseballs are perfect for batting practice and fielding training. Made of high-quality polyurethane foam; as a result, they are light-weight, squeeze-able, safe, durable, and cost-effective. Even better, they do not damage things they hit!