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Soft HIT™ is known for their safe, durable and cost-effective practice baseball. The balls don’t break. They don’t hurt. And, you can use them ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and in ANY WEATHER!

Made of high-quality polyurethane foam our practice baseball is  lightweight, squeezable, safe, durable, and cost effective. Designed to be used for practice indoors and out, so training can happen year-round, whether on the field, in the yard, in the garage or basement, or in the gym.

Product highlights


  • Lightweight foam gives you the peace of mind to practice playing indoors or out without the fear of injury or breaking things.
  • Featuring the look of a real baseball these can even be used in pitching machines.
  • Strong and durable these balls won’t split after repeated hits.  

Features the key



The balls are durable and don’t break when hit. Soft HIT practice baseballs are more durable than Wiffle® or poly balls, which often split after repeated hits.



Due to the soft foam, kids will no longer fear getting hit by the ball and you can be comforted hitting them without fear of breaking a window, car or scoreboard.

Authentic Appearance

Authentic Appearance

These look just like a real baseball, so players can practice batting and fielding with a ball that is white with raised red laces.

Soft HIT practice baseball

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