Are Soft HIT balls cost-effective?

  • Soft HIT balls may seem to cost more initially, but their value definitely exceeds their costs.  Where else can you get a ball that lasts for YEARS and is super safe?
  • Soft HIT balls have been hit over 10,000 times — that’s less than 0.025¢ (25/100ths of a cent) per hit.  Now that’s a bargain!

What are Soft HIT balls made of?

  • Soft HIT balls are made of polyurethane (PU) foam.

What do Soft HIT balls feel like?

  • Soft HIT balls are soft PU foam. They are the same size as a baseball/softball, lightweight, and easy to squeeze.
  • Soft HIT balls are softer than compression level 1 balls.
  • Soft HIT baseballs weigh about 1.3 oz (30% more than a Wiffle® or poly ball).
  • Soft HIT softballs weigh about 2.25 oz.

Can Soft HIT balls be used in pitching machines?

  • Yes, Soft HIT balls can be used in pitching machines (e.g., Jugs Lite-Flite®).

How can you use Soft HIT balls?

Soft HIT practice balls can be used for:
  • Soft toss
  • Tee work
  • Live pitching
  • Pitching machines
  • Fielding drills
  • Catching drills

How far do Soft HIT balls travel when hit?

  • On a solid hit, a 12 year old can hit a Soft HIT baseball into the outfield of a 60′ little league field. Soft HIT balls don’t fly as far as a regular baseball, which is an advantage

Can softball players use Soft HIT balls?

  • Yes. Soft HIT balls are perfect for both baseball and softball players.  In fact, we even have a 12″ softball-sized Soft HIT ball