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Soft Training Baseball


The balls are durable and don’t break when hit. Soft HIT practice baseballs are more durable than Wiffle® or poly balls, which often split after repeated hits.



Due to the soft foam, kids will no longer fear getting hit by the ball and you can be comforted hitting them without fear of breaking a window or scoreboard, or denting a car.

Authentic Appearance

Authentic Appearance

These look just like a real baseball, so players can practice batting and fielding with a ball that is white with raised red laces.


We have been supplying our camps with thens of thousands of whiffle balls for years, but we are switching to Soft HIT balls.  Wiffle balls break over time, and the Soft HIT balls are the best option we have found for indoor hitting and fielding drills.  We just ordered 30,000 Soft HIT balls for our 200 locations nationwide.

Marc Hoffman - President U.S. Baseball Academy

Soft HIT baseballs are a great training tool.  They look like real balls but allow you to work with players in limited space areas.  They are ideal for using indoors when the weather is bad without the fear of breaking lights or windows.  If you are an instructor, high school or travel team coach, they are a must have and i highly recommend them!

Charlie Fritz - PA H.S. Baseball Coaches Association

As a youth baseball coach, this is exactly what i have been searching for.  The Soft HIT balls have proven to be safe, durable and multifunctional.

Coach R. Jones - Mt. Sentinel Little League

Anywhere, Any Time, Any Weather

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The Perfect Training Baseballs & Softballs

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