Insider Bat
Insider Bat
Insider Bat

Insider Bat

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NOTE: Insider Bat cannot be used with regular (hard) baseballs or softballs. Soft Hit baseballs and softballs are recommended by Insider Bat for use with their bat. 

Also, be sure to select the correct size -- Model #7 is most common for High School players.

Used properly, the Insider Bat™ will assist in creating positive muscle memory for a fundamentally correct swing. Additionally, the Insider Bat™ will:

  • Emphasize palm up/palm down hand positioning before, during and after contact
    with the ball
  • Provide instant feedback for batter and coach
  • Trains hitter not to roll wrists or sweep (cast) before or during contact with ball
  • Promote proper grip of bat
  • Emphasize “staying inside the ball” before and during contact
  • Promote proper hip rotation during swing
  • Force hands in front of bat head during swing
  • Promote tucking of back elbow into “slot”

Designed for the beginner and seasoned pro. A hitter, regardless of age or ability, does not necessarily need to know the complicated “physics” of a swing. He or she does not need to know why their hands should be palm up / palm down at contact, or why they should not cast (sweep) the bat, etc. They simply need to swing the bat correctly.  That is why the Insider Bat™ was developed.