Soft Practice Softballs

Soft Hit Softballs

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Sold by the Half-dozen - yellow only.

Soft HIT™ practice softballs are perfect for batting practice and fielding training. Made of high-quality polyurethane foam; as a result, they are light-weight, squeeze-able, safe, durable, and cost effective. Even better, they do not damage things they hit!

Our practice softballs are used both indoors and outdoors so training can happen year-round, in any weather, on the field, in the yard, in the garage or basement, or in the gym.

The balls are 12″ in circumference and come in the color yellow. They weigh approximately 2 ounces. The raised red laces are an important feature for baseball and softball players; the laces permit pitchers to throw change-ups and breaking balls effectively and hitters the ability to see ball rotation — providing the opportunity to recognize pitch type.

Our customers tell us Soft HIT practice softballs are perfect for soft toss, tee work, live pitching,  machine pitching, and fielding drills.  Our practice softballs don’t break, they don’t hurt, and they don’t break things they hit!


  • Safe – these balls do not hurt like plastic or hard balls; so no need for L-screens
  • They will not dent cars, break scoreboards, or damage bats
  • Extremely durable – hit them thousands of times
  • Will give instant feedback to hitters
  • Easy for pitchers to throw and batters to recognize breaking balls
  • Fun to use
  • Limited flight
  • Usable in pitching machines
  • 12” circumference
  • 2 ounces
  • Available in easy-to-see yellow
  • Raised red laces
  • Squeezable
  • half dozen balls

For orders larger than 5 dozen (e.g., team, school/university, or wholesale orders), please contact our sales department at 937-508-4827.